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The Superstition of Divorce PDF Epub The Superstition Of Divorce G.K Chesterton Gasengineersinglasgow.co.uk British Writer GILBERT KEITH CHESTERTON 1874 1936 Expounded Prolifically About His Wide Ranging Philosophies He Is Impossible To Categorize As Liberal Or Conservative, For Instance Across A Wide Variety Of Avenues He Was An Arts Critic, Historian, Playwright, Novelist, Columnist, And Poet His Witty, Humorous Style Earned Him The Title Of The Prince Of Paradox, And His Works 80 Books And Nearly 4,000 Essays Remain Among The Most Beloved In The English Language Almost A Century Ago, Chesteron Wrote A Series Of Articles Collected In This Replica 1920 Volume Decrying The Rise In Divorce And Exploring, From A Sociological Standpoint, The Impact He Believed It Would Have On Western Civilization His Conclusions Are Seen By Some As Prophetic, But Whether One Agrees With His Cynical Stance Or Not, This Is A Fascinating Work Of Modern Cultural Criticism.

About the Author: G.K. Chesterton

Gilbert Keith Chesterton 1874 1936 was born in London, educated at St Paul s, and went to art school at University College London In 1900, he was asked to contribute a few magazine articles on art criticism, and went on to become one of the most prolific writers of all time He wrote a hundred books, contributions to 200 , hundreds of poems, including the epic Ballad of the White Horse, fi

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    This is an excellent little book about the the importance of vows, marriage, and family Chesterton uses some metaphors that are really quite interesting to explain what happens when society makes it easy for people to break vows He made me chuckle a few times for instance when he brought up Henry VIII wanting a divorce and then followed that with the demolition of monasteries in E

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    A good little read As usual Chesterton mixes wit with an uncanny ability to make clear the enduring truths of Christendom Though not a Catholic book per se, Chesterton defends the Catholic position on Marriage and shows how this position is the one taken by all sane persons throughout time Chesterton illustrates how the desire fo...

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    The original articles toward the front are typically brilliant Chesterton The chapters he adds in addition to the original articles are good, though perhaps a bit tedious in comparison The thing I found primarily fascinating was less his arguments, and the fact that he saw this as a problem 100 years ago, at a time which many of a conservative bent today look back upon as some s...

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    A short piece on divorce, what Mr Chesterton calls a pamphlet He approaches it with an appeal from reason natural law, rather than with any religious argument He is convoluted than usual in his own words, it s one of his crude and sketchy pieces Nevertheless, I still enjoyed his ramblings and clever lines and insights and of course, the glimpse his writings always afford of our age in

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    If a man had a hundred houses, there would still be houses than he had days in which to dream of them if a man had a hundred wives, there would still be women than he could ever know He would be an insane sultan jealous of the whole human race, and even of the dead and the unborn I believe that behind the art and philosophy of our time there is a considerable element of this bottomless

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    Chesterton comes up with surprising points, as usual, and always right on.

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    This is not really a book, as Chesterton mentions, it was supposed to be a pamphlet as if divorce would have been a temporary social disease However, unfortunately for us, it proved to be permanent In this work, he describes the social implications of divorce and why the opposition o...

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    Occasionally dated Often insightful Brilliant throughput.

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    Great stuff on the family as the natural check against state power, and raw individualism giving birth to Statism.

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