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The Millionaire's Indecent Proposal BOOKS The Millionaire S Indecent Proposal By Emilie Rose Terrapin Info.co.uk Would She Accept One Million Euros To Be His Mistress For A Month How Could Practical American Stacy Reeves Say No To Franco Constantine S Proposal The Wealthy, Arrogant CEO Of Midas Chocolates Was Overwhelmingly Passionate In His Pursuit Their Union Would Be Pure Pleasure.But Stacy Did Not Know Franco S Offer Was Part Of A Bet Her Acceptance Would Label Her A Gold Digger And Give Franco Complete Control Of Midas Unless The Billionaire Denied His Dynasty For The Woman In His Bed.

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    I bought this as part of the Harlequins That Hooked You bundle put together by Smart Bitches, but it didn t do much for me It s written well enough, but it s ultimately a pair of stock characters the working class, near virgin with a heart of gold and the callous international businessman who tars all women with the same brush after he was divo...

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    Douchebag of candy company executive bets his father that he can get a marriageable quality woman to sleep with him for lots of money Why, did he think that would be difficult or something But the point is to show that All Women Are Heartless Gold Diggers The heroine is actually likable, wary of wealthy men because...

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    After going through many reviews, I started to read it.Though most would have given a 4 5 , I think a 3 would just suffice.Truth be told, it was quite dull It was a shame that Franco had to use Stacy as target for the bet he made with his father.Althou...

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    OK I bought this on accident, it was mixed up in a pile of books I pulled out, and I didn t realize until it went through check out I needed a book to read in a couple hours, so I decided, I would read this instead of a longer book I would not be able to put down and I would be late.My first question is Why the stupid covers that have an ugly guy that s supposed to be gorgeous, and a blond girl who is supposed to be a brunette This book was a surprise

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    The Millionaire s Indecent ProposalHe has a bet with his father But will he won or lost the best thing in his life because of it He doesn t think there is any female alive who won t go after his money But that is until he nets her A woman who lost it all because of money.

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    Le do en Abril

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    This was fun I really liked the woman.

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    Not too bad, but the author missed the opportunity to bring her secondary characters to life She concentrated so hard on the affair that the situation the leading lady was in wasn t made clear, the leading man s reasons weren t really very well developed, and the relationship between the leading lady and her friends and the reason for her being in Monaco in the first place were...

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    This book was so dull and predictable.

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About the Author: Emilie Rose

Bestselling Silhouette Desire author and Rita finalist Emilie Rose has sold 27 projects to Harlequin Silhouette since her first sale in 2001, and her books have been released in over 20 countries around the globe.Emilie lives in her native North Carolina with her four sons and two adopted mutts Writing is her third and hopefully her last career She s managed a medical office and run a home day