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The Fountains of Silence Madrid, 1957 Under The Fascist Dictatorship Of General Francisco Franco, Spain Is Hiding A Dark Secret Meanwhile, Tourists And Foreign Businessmen Flood Into Spain Under The Welcoming Guise Of Sunshine And Wine Among Them Is Eighteen Year Old Daniel Matheson, The Son Of A Texas Oil Tycoon, Who Arrives In Madrid With His Parents Hoping To Connect With The Country Of His Mother S Birth Through The Lens Of His Camera Photography And Fate Introduce Him To Ana, Whose Family S Interweaving Obstacles Reveal The Lingering Grasp Of The Spanish Civil War As Well As Chilling Definitions Of Fortune And Fear Daniel S Photographs Leave Him With Uncomfortable Questions Amidst Shadows Of Danger He Is Backed Into A Corner Of Decisions To Protect Those He Loves Lives And Hearts Collide, Revealing An Incredibly Dark Side To The Sunny Spanish City.Master Storyteller Ruta Sepetys Once Again Shines Light Into One Of History S Darkest Corners In This Epic, Heart Wrenching Novel About Identity, Unforgettable Love, Repercussions Of War, And The Hidden Violence Of Silence Inspired By The True Post War Struggles Of Spain. Having had twelve hours to process the book after reading it in the span of twenty four hours including a car ride and I don t read in the car because well, motion sickness, but there are just times where that needs to be overcome , I can now write a review that consists of than hearts and exclamation points Picking stories that represent dark times in our global history is likely the easiest part, but deciding to tell it with the emotional strength and depth required can only be trusted to a few writers Sepetys is one of those chosen few, and chosen because three books have already solidified her ability to write historical fiction and this one is equally captivating Her appeal lies with adults and young adults who want to access the worlds she opens up In this story, there are four characters who intersect in mesmerizing ways Spanish brother and sister Ana and Rafa, their cousin Puri, and the American Daniel Their connections unfold in a series of suspenseful, dark, sentimental, and deeply personal ways in and around the Castellana Hilton, a hotel that s a piece of the United States inside Madrid, Spain during the tumultuous and tenuous reign of Generalissimo Franco The policies and practices that emerge lead to tragedy that Puri begins to uncover while Daniel as an outsider who pines for Ana also discovers additional stories when using the lens of his camera Everyone has a story to tell There are characters you ll love to hate and characters you want to fall in love One thing is for sure, you ll fall in love with Sepetys again Storytelling is her passion and her purpose And the power of the story is similar to Doerr s All The Light We Cannot See and Hannah s The Nightingale and the length and span of the story to Julie Berry s newest Lovely War Whether readers are understanding the importance of dress for a bullfighter or poverty in Vallecas I had no problem following the array of characters because they are all instrumental, even as the book moves forward in time and new secrets emerge, I would have gladly welcomed It s the nuanced relationships and evocative time period that teach us about humanity The setting creates is own set of problems and character so anyone who has visited will easily recognize it while those who haven t me can understand through Sepetys choices what we didn t experience firsthand She s a guide for epic stories of love and loss, politics and economics The human toll of dictatorship The secrets and the danger of secrecy There was a constant pull to uncover and understand, so when Sepetys adds a confessional and power struggles, money and beauty, no one is ever quite certain who to trust but that in that, we can only imagine why even now there a vow of silence as Spain moves on One thing is for certain this book is layered It can be re read as one of the three books someone would take on a deserted island and never tire of whether I m staring at the cover or remembering all that unfolded between the pages It s masterful and a book I will continue to re live. Ruta Sepetys paints a richly descriptive and historically detailed picture of post war Spain under the fascist dictator, General Franco It is 1957, and Spain is desperate for money and to facilitate this, is welcoming tourists to the country 18 year old American Daniel Matheson is staying at a luxury hotel with his family, his father is an oil tycoon looking to make a deal with Franco s regime Spain is the country of Daniel s mother, and he is looking to explore it, with every intent of looking beneath the official versions of Madrid Whilst his father wants him to work for the business, Daniel has other ideas, he wants to be a photographer, and has made plans to study photography at college Ana is the young, bright and beautiful hotel maid charged with looking after the Matheson family and meeting their every need This is a well researched multilayered story of David and Ana, love, identity, heartbreak, and the walls of silence behind which are hidden the true horrors of Franco s Spain.Rafa, Ana s brother remembers the family, and its tragic past, his parents opposition to Franco and their death He works hard, although he still goes hungry, at his two jobs at the slaughterhouse and the graveyard, with his friend, Fuga, an intense force of nature, with dreams of becoming a famous bullfighter and protecting the children Ana s cousin, Puri, works at the Catholic Adoption Centre Ben is an American journalist who urges David to capture the Spain beyond the official version through the lens of his camera, deploying angles that tell the truth, the varied stories that lay beneath the surface As David connects with an Ana with her dreams of travelling and escape, she begins to slowly entrust him with the inner secrets of a country where people live in fear and terror However, she puts at risk her job, love and freedom, she has family responsibilities, a job that is essential in keeping her family going.The stories of the host of characters interconnect to uncover Spain s secret history under Franco, and the fall out from the Spanish Civil War and its repercussions that continued into the 1950s Sepetys writes with humanity and compassion about this dark historical period, the vast swathe of untold suffering, pain, despair and the tyranny of a repressive regime This is brilliant immersive historical fiction of a brutal period of history that I have long been fascinated and interested by This is for those who are interested in this period of Spanish history and those who enjoy well written and informative historical fiction Highly recommended Many thanks to Random House Children s for an ARC. Congested, sacharrine, and melodramatic. Do you realize the lengths I would go to for a copy of this book I NEED THIS SO BADLY

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