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The Dry West Virginia, A Deadly Dry Spell Has Left The Earth Parched And Souls Desperate Crops Are Failing Cities Are Starving A Missing Newspaper Man Doesn T Account For Much In Times So Terrible, Except To The Twelve Year Old Son He Left Behind When Elliot Sweeney Discovers The Search For His Father Has Been Called Off, He Boards A Train Alone To Find Him His Quest Leads Elliot Into The Depths Of An Abandoned Mine, With A Peculiar Pocket Watch, A Blind Burro, And A Gutsy Girl At His Side He Discovers A World He Never Dreamed Of, Even In His Worst Nightmares, And Lands Smack In The Middle Of A War Between Two Kingdoms Monstrous Insects, Smiling Villains, And Dark Riddles Are Everywhere Deciding Who To Trust May Prove To Be His Greatest Challenge, While The Fate Of The World Above Hangs On Elliot S Choice

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    Expose yourself to your deepest fear after that, fear has no power, and the fear of freedom shrinks and vanishes You are free Jim MorrisonR.L Nolen, an American author, has penned an enticing as well as thrilling middle grade book, The Dry , which traces the journey of a 12 year old boy who embarks on a path to search f

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    I haven t read a book that kept me glued to it, in a while This one did The Dry was like an exciting combination of Stephen King and Tolkein It reminded me a lot of the The Dark Tower series by Stephen King, but in a style that children and adults could understand and enjoy The setting of the book is fantastical and the description, detailed You

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    This review is from my blog at 1895, the state of Virginia was experiencing a deathly dry, a drought so intense that thick clouds of dust hung chest high all day Open windows let it inside where it coated every surface In the midst of this, a journalist, Sam Sweeney, left his son with his uncle, and set off to discover why children were going missing from

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    The Dry is a historical fantasy or fairytale set in the late 1890 s of Virginia when children were used to work in the coal mines A desperate drought has taken place in the area and Elliot has been left with his Uncle Nat while his newspaperman father searches out the story of missing children He doesn t return when he s supposed to and so three months past his expe

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    This book was entered in The Wishing Shelf Book Awards This is what our readers thought Title The Dry Author Rebecca NolanStar Rating 4 starsNumber of Readers 16Readers Comments This is a fun adventure story with lots of fantastatical elements thrown in There s a strong plot and lots of twists and turns to keep the reader interested Parent Fantastic cover The story was a litt

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    If you enjoy fantasy adventures like Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and The Golden Compass, you will enjoy Rebecca Nolen s The Dry The story will engage young readers and adults alike It is full of adventure that is packed with life lessons.Crisp dialog moves along smoothly making it a pleasure to read aloud Chapters are short, so the book is well suited for very busy schedules As th

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    The Dry by Rebecca Nolen is a well written and engaging story about a young man who is searching for his father His search lands him in the very bowels of the planet to find a world that no one would ever believe existed a desert like world where water is scarce, the insects are gigantic and abuses of all manner abound.Young Elliot is joined on his quest by a girl named Lefty who is searching fo

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    Review on The Dry by Rebecca Nolen.The Dry is an unexpected late Christmas joy The author eases you into a beautifully sketched world that demands in a soft voice that you stay and enjoy the ride The prose is fluid and flows from page to page but never lets go of the reader hand for a moment A very rare feat is that Rebecca Nolen s writing style is instantly accessible to all readers, no matter the age or

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    Without preamble, Nolen rips right into the story and character building at a wonderful pace What an intricate maze of a plot What magnificent colours and descriptions And the sounds made by giant insects is surreal I never knew only female wasps sting, or that there is a cicada wasp and a fairy wasp Or many of those other interesting entomological gems.And what an awesome picture book, or animated movie, this woul

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    Reminiscent of Curdy s Goblin worlds of George MacDonald and the anything can happen quest of the Wizard of Oz, the Dry mixes cruel coal mining conditions with a fantastical underworld, magical creatures, and bugs than you can shake a stick at The wasps featured prominently on the side of evil, but ended up being portrayed as ultimately good, a conclusion which my many wasp stinged memories have trouble with An uncomplicate

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