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The Chronicles of Chrestomanci: Volume I (Charmed Life & The Lives of Christopher Chant) There Is An Alternate Cover HereIn This Multiple Parallel Universes Of The Twelve Related Worlds, Only An Enchanter With Nine Lives Is Powerful Enough To Control The Rampant Misuse Of Magic And To Hold The Title Chrestomanci The Chants Are A Family Strong In Magic, But Neither Christopher Chant Nor Cat Chant Can Work Even The Simplest Of Spells Who Could Have Dreamed That Both Christopher And Cat Were Born With Nine Lives Or That They Could Lose Them So Quickly

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    Long before J.K Rowling ever invented Harry Potter, Diana Wynne Jones penned the Chrestomanci series, in which children perform magic or fail to do so in worlds which resemble ours but are ever so slightly different Like Rowling, Jones infused her fantasy novels for children with enough wit and interesting ideas to make them appealing to adult readers unlike Rowling, she never made it big

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    I read an article a few years back wish I could remember which publication hopefully they ve gone under which claimed that Diana Wynne Jones plagiarized Harry Potter for Charmed Life As I recall, the accusation was largely based on these facts i Harry Potter and Cat Chant are both young, male, British wizards who also happen to be orphans and the reviewer inaccurately clai

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    Diana Wynne Jones is a delight to read Understated, clever, and filled with dry humor, this book was very hard to tear myself away from The escapades of the Chant boys are ridiculously fun I was introduced to Diana Wynne Jones by Miyazaki s animated version of her book, Howl s Moving Castle , which I enjoyed reading after seeing the film I picked up The Chronicles , having heard that Jones Chronicl

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    Volume 1 of The Chronicles of Chrestomanci contains the first two books of the series which are called Charmed Life and The Lives of Christopher Chant Cat Chant is the main character in the first book and Christopher Chant is the main character of the second book They both live in a world where there is magic everywhere Sadly, neither Cat nor Christopher can do magic But they will discover that there is

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    For Christmas this year, my sister asked us instead of buying her a present, if as our gift to her we would read any book she chose for us I was happy to oblige the request because I know my sister has great taste in books, and would pick something accordingly I was not disappointed with her choice of the first volume in the Chrestomanci series And thank goodness she has the rest of the series I can now borr

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    First read in May 2011 Re read in March 2016 Diana Wynne Jones s writing is the literary equivalent of a delicious cup of cocoa.

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    Review from A Journey Through PagesNow Diana Wynne Jones has been one of my favourite authors for about 8 years now, ever since I read Year of the Griffin Though one of my favourite memories is when Howl s Moving Castle came out and would see commercials and go Hey That s the name of my favourite author paired with my favourite animator, what is going on I have since read many books by her rest in peace Jones, rest in

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    Charmed life is the first book in this two book volume It also is the first book in the Chrestomanci series, of which I previously read The Lives of Christopher Chant, which is the number 2 book of the series and which I enjoyed immensely So, naturally I gave it a whirl.Cat and Gwendolyn are orphans who are wards of their little town In their world magic is commonplace although not everyone can work magic and there are dif

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    I love the concept at the heart of these two books the many worlds theory is true some of these worlds use magic I enjoy the efforts of the Chants to become who they want to be, and the process of figuring out who that is I particularly love the character of the embodied Godddess, as well as Throgmorten I don t even mind too much that Edwardian notions of birth based class were transferred into a magic using Britain, where the

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    Diana Wynne Jones is just a fantastic writer I loved both Charmed Life and The Lives of Christopher Chant I want to be Chrestomanci when I grow up.Disappointed to find a few points of colonialism orientalism racism in Charmed Life but was glad to see the inclusion of a brown skinned the way he s described he sounds Black to me character in The Lives of Christopher Chant but then again, his people are real

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