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Written To Honor Diamante S Children In Heaven, Finding Hope In The Darkness Of Grief Is A Recipient Of Five Awards To Date For Poetry, Religion Spirituality, Inspiration And Gift BookThis Earthly Plane Offers Much For Us To Learn Happiness, Wisdom, Loss, Heartbreak, And Enlightenment It Is A Pandoras Box Of Emotions, Situations, Opportunities, And Failures, All Wrapped Into A Package We Call Life Nobody Is Immune, But Everyone Has The Opportunity To Grow Tall Or Wither Like A Flower In Harsh Light Its Completely Up To Us How We Choose To Respond Finding Hope In The Darkness Of Grief Is A Gleaning Of Insights From Artist Diamante Lavender For Her, Life Has Been A Long, Difficult Road, But It Has Taught Many Poignant Lessons Her Poetry Collection Is An Exploration Of The Human Soul, A Traversing Of Situations That Life Throws At Us Diamante Has Always Been Intrigued By The Ability To Overcome And Move On To Bigger And Better Things She Writes To Encourage Hope And Possibility In Those Who Read Her Stories If She Can Help Others Heal, As She Has, Then Diamantes Work As An Author And Artist Will Have Been Well Spent She Believes That Everyone Should Try To Leave A Positive Mark On The World, To Make It A Better Place For All Writing Is The Way That She Is Attempting To Leave Her Markone Story At A Time Finding Hope in the Darkness of Grief: Spiritual Insights Expressed Through Art, Poetry and Prose

About the Author: Diamante Lavendar

I am the author of three books with a fourth coming out soon My first book, The Secrets Of Yashire is no longer in print My second book, Breaking The Silence, has won six awards in the category of Inspirational Fiction Following is a link to my book Breaking The Silence Breaking The Silence also have an award winning poetry book entitled Poetry and Ponderings You can find it at this address third book, entitled Finding Hope In The Darkness Of Grief Spiritual Insights Expressed Through Art, Poetry and Prose has won 15 awards to date A recipient of a Silver Mom s Choice Awards medal and a Pinnacle Book Award for Inspirational reading Also a Gold Medal Winner for Gift Book Coffee Table Book and received Honorable Mention for Poetry as well as Religion Inspirational Books from Dragonfly Book Awards Recently Finding Hope won a Bronze Medal from the ELit Book Awards, 5 Gold Medals and 1 Silver Medal from the Human Relations Indie Book Awards as well as Grief Awareness Book Of The Year from the Human Relations Indie Book Awards Finding Hope In The Darkness Of Grief can be purchased at the following address I will also be publishing a book dedicated to my daughter who recently passed entitled Kelby s Love It is due out later this year.

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    Don t believe the illusion Increase love s true grit In this small book, we see the author poet artist working through grief and loss Interspersed between mostly profound wisdom are art pieces that speak of their own losses,often quietly reflecting Diamant Lavendar s unspoken thought.Poetry is a hard medium

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    Live your life with a grateful heart so that love and goodness can transform you Midwestern author artist Diamante Lavendar writes books based on self and spiritual discovery such as coming of age stories and stories involving the overcoming of hardships that afflict the human condition Diamante s mission is to

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    It helped me through my grief for my late brother and an old late friend Thank you for letting me win this book at a much needed time It beautifully helped me in my grief and loss Now I m giving it to another soul who needs this book to guide them through a rough patch.

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    I felt that this short piece of work that reminded me of inspiring beliefs and thoughts learned over my years on this earth was very uplifting and motivating, providing strength and refreshment as well as hope in a world that is becoming fast paced and blind to those who are less fortunate Here are some thoughts I cu

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    Finding Hope in the Darkness of Grief gathers Diamante Lavendar s own insights on how she charted a path through grief, and pairs free verse poems that double as uplifting admonitions There is so muchTo every instance Than we can comprehend with prose and the author s lovely color art images From illusions of darkness a

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    This book is like holding hands with the author, and allowing her to accompany you on your own difficult journey whatever stage that may be at At times a very emotive read, making it a little difficult, it s worth persevering with Lavender brings to the forefront the message that there can be a great strength found from lo

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    This heartfelt collection of observations and beliefs by Diamante Lavendar is a collection of her artwork and creative writing She shares photography, illustration and prose poetry that explore her inner feelings and emotions Her daughter died at age 18 and Diamante s wish is to extend the strength that she has found confront

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    Finding Hope is the kind of book that you can take something uplifting away from no matter what your upbringing or how little or how much grief you have personally experienced Lavendar has a real way with words and crafts each of these pieces into a unique and rewarding experience There is something of an influx of inspirational

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    Grief and disappointment are hard to deal with, especially if you are a private person like me I don t share my feelings with many people and that sometimes makes me draw into myself Finding Hope in Darkness helped me by making me feel like I wasn t the only person that felt the way I do and that things will always get better even

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    Finding Hope In The Darkness is not an easy book to get through but well worth reading It was recommended to me by my friend, but I was a little reticent as I rarely reach for poetry However this really did surprise me Diamante Lavendar takes readers for a beautiful journey through poetry, insights and art The author mainly shows us a

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