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Beware the Beast Alex Faulkner Was A Complete Stranger To Charlotte When He Blackmailed Her Into Marrying Him, And Whisked Her Off To Live With Him On A Lonely Greek Island He Made It Quite Clear That All He Really Wanted From Her Was A Son, The Sooner The Better It Was, Charlotte Thought Desperately, A Beauty And The Beast Situation, For She Was Powerless To Escape Him Yet In This Story, Beauty Has Fallen In Love With The Beast But Alex Has Made It Clear That He Has Only One Use For Her

About the Author: Anne Mather

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Beware the Beast book, this is one of the most wanted Anne Mather author readers around the world.

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    Beware The PervertA thousand thanks to Booklover for providing such a perfect, highly appropriate title for this story.Everything s in place right now SPOILER ALERT SPOILER ALERT I do not intend to use formatting in order to hide spoilers for one reason, and one reason only if you have any and by any I mean one even partially smart cell in your brain, you will not read this book Unless, of course, you wish to write an amusing review,

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    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here Beware The Beast is right This is one of those books where some of the plot points were so far out there, you wonder if it wasn t a passive aggressive move by the author to get back at the publisherRush me will you Tell me my stories don t have enough action, eh Well, how about this beauty then D And this one does have one beauty of a WTF moment, several actuall

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    Older hero blackmails 18 year old heroine into marrying him, and he wants an heir Her father was a gambler and he was in debt to hero so heroine must pay for her father s sins He takes her to his Greek island and there their MOC becomes real But they are both in denial and that keeps them apart till the end I liked this hero He was hard but he was vulnerable and it was obvious to me he cared a lot about his wife He is hurt by her hatred and he tri

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    3.5 stars.Well this one was about a love 8 years in the making He wanted her when she was only 12 yuck but he was going to wait for her to grow up Then, he bought her from her dad.He bought her to be his baby mama after she could leave His plan was to have her have his baby then he would get a nurse for it He wanted to be free of any commitment, she was just an incubator Not really a good way to start a relationship She was young and scared and he did pu

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    It was funny reading this contemporary romance 36 years later With the Hi Fi and culotte suits, I was transported back in time While this was supposed to be a bit of a spin off of beauty and the beast, I felt like I couldn t get over the fact that this 40 yr old man blackmailed an 18 yr old girl into marriage and sex It doesn t matter that he turned out to be honorable from the beginning It just didn t sit right with me, so I had...

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    The hero forced the heroine to marry him and produce an heir because her father owned him money from gambling debts Since he died and couldn t pay them, she would pay for her fathers crimes with marriage and her body Little did she know they were both falling in love with each other.The book was alright but the hero was kind of an asshole I mean she s pregnant in half of the book and he s a total dick to her, doesn t consider her feelings It made me sad reading that T

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    I have a headache after reading this That s how I feel.

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    My first ever MB so it will always hold special memories for me I was under 10 when it was written and I think around 16 when I read it I remember crying when the hero left her on the island Every teenager s fantasy to be swept away to another country where she doesn t speak the language isn t it On a side note, I knew someone back then, she was 13 and went from UK to Greece to marry her 30 y o boyfriend navy man Her mother allowed her to go Mar...

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    The 70 s were sure different Alex and Charlotte were hateful characters and their relationship was dull and depressing I despised Alex and wasn t keen on Charlotte either The whole thing was just exhausting and bad.

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    I love Anne Mather period No apologies I adore her stories

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