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Beloved Staring Unflinchingly Into The Abyss Of Slavery, This Spellbinding Novel Transforms History Into A Story As Powerful As Exodus And As Intimate As A Lullaby Sethe Was Born A Slave And Escaped To Ohio, But Eighteen Years Later She Is Still Not Free She Has Too Many Memories Of Sweet Home, The Beautiful Farm Where So Many Hideous Things Happened Her New Home Is Haunted By The Ghost Of Her Baby, Who Died Nameless And Whose Tombstone Is Engraved With A Single Word Beloved Filled With Bitter Poetry And Suspense As Taut As A Rope, Beloved Is A Towering Achievement By Nobel Prize Laureate Toni Morrison.

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    Beloved is the Great American Horror Novel Sorry Stephen King evil clowns and alcoholic would be writers are pretty creepy, but they just got nothing on the terrifying specter of American slavery I literally got chills physical chills over and over while reading this book To me, great horror has th

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    BelovedYou are my sisterYou are my daughterYou are my face you are meI have found you again you have come back to meYou are my belovedYou are mineYou are mineIt s 6 o clock in the morning and I have finished with one of the best books I have ever read in the course of my short life I am sleepless and I need a

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    I don t give books low marks lightly If anything, I am prone to being carried away by the author s enthusaism and rate bookshighly than they deserve I am an aspiring author, myself, and that also leads me to be kind to the books.That being said, I really hated this book.I like fantasy and magical realism I find the dre

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    Over the past 15 years, I ve tried a couple of times to read Toni Morrison s epic, Pulitzer Prize winning novel about murder, guilt, ghosts and the brutal, complex physical and psychological legacy of slavery.Something about the dense, poetic prose and the elliptical nature of the storytelling made it impenetrable After a chapte

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    Beloved is a novel about haunting it is a novel about the human inability to move on from the past and how easily it can resurface We may try to move on, but it never really leaves us And when the past is painful and full of blood it literally echoes for an eternityYou know as well as I do that people who die bad don t stay in the ground

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    Sometimes reality is too painful to address in plain, simple narrative Sometimes truth has to be approached in circling movements, slowly getting to the heart of the matter through shifting, loosely linked stories that touch on the wound ever so lightly, without getting too close too fast Sometimes I read to escape my reality, only to find myself i

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    This is probably my least favorite book I have ever read I think I hate it evenbecause so many people like it so much Unlike really trashy novels, people actually try to argue that this is a great book But it definitely embodies all the things that make me hate books It s heavy handed with its message, which ultimately ruins some pretty spectacular imagery I

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    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here You who read me keep your repugnance and horror to yourself I am here to tell you my story with an iron smile under my chin The men without skin stole my milk so my mother punished them with my blood You don t understand, her love was too thick I was the already crawling baby waiting to be

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    It has been a while since I last was online according to this computer s calculations thirteen days ago since then I have finished the monumental Beloved The only way I can describe this sure classic is it s a mix between the most brilliant of Hawthorne his Scarlet Letter bears plenty of similarities to Beloved since it too deals with a time of intense persecution in this count

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    Working dough Working, working dough Nothing better than that to start the day s serious work of beating back the past Toni Morrison, Beloved Beloved focuses on the psychological trauma of slavery which permeates the very atmosphere and even emerges in ghost form It seems to be a good book to read in the light of the recent discussion on the Roots reboot, as well as the recent New York T

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