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Beloved Winner Of The Pulitzer Prize, Toni Morrison S Beloved Is A Spellbinding And Dazzlingly Innovative Portrait Of A Woman Haunted By The PastSethe Was Born A Slave And Escaped To Ohio, But Eighteen Years Later She Is Still Not Free She Has Borne The Unthinkable And Not Gone Mad, Yet She Is Still Held Captive By Memories Of Sweet Home, The Beautiful Farm Where So Many Hideous Things Happened Meanwhile Sethe S House Has Long Been Troubled By The Angry, Destructive Ghost Of Her Baby, Who Died Nameless And Whose Tombstone Is Engraved With A Single Word BelovedSethe Works At Beating Back The Past, But It Makes Itself Heard And Felt Incessantly In Her Memory And In The Lives Of Those Around Her When A Mysterious Teenage Girl Arrives, Calling Herself Beloved, Sethe S Terrible Secret Explodes Into The PresentCombining The Visionary Power Of Legend With The Unassailable Truth Of History, Morrison S Unforgettable Novel Is One Of The Great And Enduring Works Of American Literature

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    Beloved is the Great American Horror Novel Sorry Stephen King evil clowns and alcoholic would be writers are pretty creepy, but they just got nothing on the terrifying specter of American slavery I literally got chills physical chills over and over while reading this book To me, great horror has th

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    BelovedYou are my sisterYou are my daughterYou are my face you are meI have found you again you have come back to meYou are my belovedYou are mineYou are mineIt s 6 o clock in the morning and I have finished with one of the best books I have ever read in the course of my short life I am sleepless and I need a

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    I don t give books low marks lightly If anything, I am prone to being carried away by the author s enthusaism and rate bookshighly than they deserve I am an aspiring author, myself, and that also leads me to be kind to the books.That being said, I really hated this book.I like fantasy and magical realism I find the dre

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    Updated, August 2019 RIP, Toni Morrison Over the past 15 years, I ve tried a couple of times to read Toni Morrison s epic, Pulitzer Prize winning novel about murder, guilt, ghosts and the brutal, complex physical and psychological legacy of slavery.Something about the dense, poetic prose and the elliptical nature of the storytel

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    The brutal truth, brilliantly written A mother hanging from a tree, the vile debasement of a nursing mother, scars so deep from whipping that they make a design of a tree on a woman s back, a bloodied dead baby, the ultimate symbol of how truly horrific slavery was These are some of the images that I will remember long after reading this

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    RIP, Beloved Toni Morrison You changed the way I read Sometimes reality is too painful to address in plain, simple narrative Sometimes truth has to be approached in circling movements, slowly getting to the heart of the matter through shifting, loosely linked stories that touch on the wound ever so lightly, without getting too close too fast Someti

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    This was my second or third reading of Beloved, a book that broke my heart and remade it once again The tree on Sethe s back is a map to both pain and redemption I feel like I am going to quote nearly the entire book if I keep to copy out all of my notes From the initial haunting of Beloved and her return the tale of Sethe is the tale of the revolting violen

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    Beloved is a novel about haunting it is a novel about the human inability to move on from the past and how easily it can resurface We may try to move on, but it never really leaves us And when the past is painful and full of blood it echoes for an eternityYou know as well as I do that people who die bad don t stay in the ground Enter Beloved, daughter of Sethe, a gir

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    It s been a while since I last was online according to this computer s calculations thirteen days ago the roles women played at such historical crossroads the ghosts of the burdensome past making cameo It s been a while since I last was online according to this computer s calculations thirteen days ago since then I have finished the monumentally loved Beloved The only way I can

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    There are reasons why Toni Morrison was awarded the Nobel Prize for literature Beloved may be the biggest one The structure is a ghost story about a woman who killed her own children rather than see them be dragged back from freedom to live a life of slavery, and how the guilt of that act comes back to haunt her But the real payload here is a portrayal of the slave existence, how it seep

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