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Beach Read A Romance Writer Who No Longer Believes In Love And A Literary Writer Stuck In A Rut Engage In A Summer Long Challenge That May Just Upend Everything They Believe About Happily Ever AftersAugustus Everett Is An Acclaimed Author Of Literary Fiction January Andrews Writes Bestselling Romance When She Pens A Happily Ever After, He Kills Off His Entire CastThey Re Polar OppositesIn Fact, The Only Thing They Have In Common Is That For The Next Three Months, They Re Living In Neighboring Beach Houses, Broke, And Bogged Down With Writer S BlockUntil, One Hazy Evening, One Thing Leads To Another And They Strike A Deal Designed To Force Them Out Of Their Creative Ruts Augustus Will Spend The Summer Writing Something Happy, And January Will Pen The Next Great American Novel She Ll Take Him On Field Trips Worthy Of Any Rom Com Montage, And He Ll Take Her To Interview Surviving Members Of A Backwoods Death Cult Obviously Everyone Will Finish A Book And No One Will Fall In Love Really

About the Author: Emily Henry

Emily Henry writes stories about love and family for both teens and adults She studied creative writing at Hope College and the now defunct New York Center for Art Media Studies Find her on Instagram EmilyHenryWrites.

10 thoughts on “Beach Read

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    therapy expensive adding romance books to your TBR to fill the void that is the lack of your love life free

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    OH MYYYYY GOODNESSSSSS Finally literature gods heard my prayers that I ve been requesting to read a fantastic romance that I ve been craving for so long I need something heart wrenching, shaking me to the core, help me feel everything at the same time happiness, angst, joy, forgiveness, enjoyment, resentment, hurting Yes, I LOVE THIS BOOK SO MUCH I want to scream it Oh, thankfully I already did I have to add that This is not beach read This is GLUED

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    I did what any reasonable adult woman would do when confronted with her college rival turned next door neighbor I dove behind the nearest bookshelf. I really needed this book I didn t realize how much I needed it until I was giggling along with all the awkwardness and banter and feeling like I d been taken away from the dark, dreariness of this lockdown It s exactly what it seems to be a very cute, sweet romance.Beach Read is a warm, summery story ab

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    Easily my favorite book of the year so far I just finished it and I already want to do a re read to spend some time with January and Gus MY HEART This book was equal parts swooney and grumbley while also being SO self aware and I loved every little bit of it Plus, the banter in this was chef s kiss PERFECTION 10 10 do recommend TW suicide, death of a parent, adultery, cancer

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    Don t let the cover and blurb fool youThis ain t stereotypical chick lit And before anyone gets their feathers all ruffled at my use of the term chick lit.calm down I actually picked this out as one of my Book of the Month picks this April because I thought it was chick lit And, if you have read my reviews or followed me for any length of time, this would surprise you as I have traditionally NEVER been drawn to those kinds of books Nothing against them, they just nev

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    I wrote this book because I wanted to do something fun but I still ended up making myself cry, so what s new

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    Everybody knows I love Emily Henry.Like, it s probably gotten to the point that people who don t know anything about me or read my reviews know that Probably the people who do all they can to avoid my crossing their digital path and I imagine these people MUST exist, just judging by the number of John Green fans I ve angered know it too.It s just that true.I love her and I shout it from the rooftops on the reg.I was very, very, veryveryvery excited to hear she was doing a rom com, way outs

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    I ve never met someone who is so perfectly my favorite person I picked up Beach Read on a whim, looking for a fun distraction to while away the day and found a couple my heart won t soon forget Deeply moving and perfectly paced, Beach Read is a love story riddled with infectiously snarky banter hiding behind a somewhat ironic title This emotionally adept read was everything I didn t know I needed at this very moment.Utilizing her engaging and clever wordplay, Emily H

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    5 stars Beach Read was my first Emily Henry book and I was blown away Don t let the cover fool you, this isn t some light and fun chick lit story It s a beautiful romance that has a lot of depth and emotion and I couldn t have loved it January and Gus are both published authors in neighboring beach homes January just got to her late father s beach house and has a lot of questions Her recent life events have put her in a bit of a funk when it comes to writing the romance she normally writes Gus wri

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    My first by the author and I really enjoyed it I thought it would be of a rom com, but it is women s fiction with a romance The way things played out was entertaining and I was cheering for a HEA ending Did it happen Loved the characters, January and Gus, who are both authors and in a bit of a writing slump It was interesting to read about how authors feel when writing and struggling to get a book completed I felt their chemistry and liked the way they were both flawed characters and little on the cautious side

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